Eat your way to Gorgeous Hair!

We've all heard the old adage, "you are what you eat", but did you know that your hair's health is directly affected by the foods in your diet? For hair that's full of shine and body you can use all of the hairspray and styling products you want, but it will never look truly healthy until you start eating right. Put your hair to this test to see how healthy it is: Pluck a strand from your head and measure its length. Then hold it at each end and pull. Can you stretch it at least an inch before it snaps? If not, your hair is lacking in strength and moisture, which is making it feel dry and look dull and brittle.

To put the shine and bounce back in your tresses, up your intake of nuts, whole grains and green, leafy vegetables—all excellent sources of vitamin E, which your body converts into essential oils that your hair needs to shine like the diamond that you are!

Another way to ensure strong, radiant hair is to eat two to three servings of protein everyday. That's because the hair shaft is made of almost 100% protein and your body needs all the protein (meat, fish, poultry, and tofu) it can get to produce strong, healthy-looking hair.

Limit sugars, salt and white bread, as they have no real nutritional value and only add extra bulk to your waistline, not to your hair!