Evening Party Hair That Lasts All Night

You're all dressed up and ready to go! Now, will your fabulous ‘hairdo’ turn into a ‘hair don’t’ at the stroke of midnight? Relax! Frizzes or flat hair can be avoided.  Leave your concerns at home knowing your do won’t become a don’t before it’s time.  Here are some tips so you can avoid any stress distress.

Hair that Frizzes: Don't fight the frizz, disguise it! Popular trends include messy, shaggy and tapered looks. These styles will hide the frizzes and keep you looking spectacular through the evening.  Most important is to use the proper styling products that will protect hair and lockout moisture that causes frizz.

Hair that Falls Flat: Many factors contribute to keeping the volume in your hair.  Start with a style that provides the body.  Lots of layers and a tapered cut are perfect.  Make sure to use products best suited for fine limp hair.  Applying too much product (especially at the roots) can make your hair go flat sooner. Volumizing mousses, gels and hairsprays, that are water, not silicone based, are sure to keep your style all night long!