Hair Vs Winter

Ah, yes, red ribbons, classy cropped jackets, and hints of glitter- Winter fashion is here! But don’t let frizzies be the unexpected accessory you never wanted!

Dehydrated winter air can draw moisture out of even the shiniest hair. Dry, hollow, thirsty, hair is prone to breakage and if not treated can show damage in just one season. Follow Bigen's tips and you will not only combat and conquer winter fly-aways, but you will have polished hair all-year-round!

Tip # 1: Before you get out of the shower put your hair through a cold rinse cycle. This will close and smooth cuticles of hair strands. You can also do this when you blow-dry your hair. Finish the drying session with a blast of air with the cold switch on. A polished hair cuticle will reflect light better and leave hair so nice and shiny!

Tip # 2: As always, be gentle with wet locks. Wet hair is always fragile, but dehydrated wet hair is even more fragile. Be gentle when towel drying your hair. Don’t rub the top of your head with the towel. This will break the tiny hairs on the top of your head. Dab and squeeze the bottom sections of your hair with a thick moisture-absorbing towel.

Tip # 3: Then, lightly spray wet hair with a leave-in conditioner. Comb through hair with a wide-tooth comb. Remember, the longer the hair, the wider the teeth on the comb. It is also a good idea especially this time of year to use a hair masque once a week. Find a deep conditioner, like Bigen Protect and Repair Deep Conditioner, that you can leave on your hair for at least a half-hour. 

Tip # 4: If your hair is very dry it is okay to skip a day of shampoo. Simply rinse your hair in the shower and towel dry after. This allows the natural oils from your scalp to fill the hollow, parched, strands. On days you shampoo, use only one dollop of a smoothing and moisturising shampoo, such as Bigen's Protect and Repair Shampoo.  

Tip # 5: Dry air causes static which causes your hair to take off from your head like a balloon. Be sure to keep extra pomade or travel size hair spray in your purse to keep flyaways at bay. In a pinch? You can use a dryer sheet to tame your mane. Just swipe the sheet along your part line on the crown of your head. You can also use hand lotion or lip balm. Just remember to use sparingly when applying products not made for your hair.