Holiday Hair

Want to keep your holiday party hair-do instead of hair-don’t? Try one of these simple, classy, decked out for the Holidays, hairstyles that will make you look like you arrived on the red carpet!

Classic Chignon- This look is so timeless. It is much like a bun however the hair is twisted loosely to fill the nape of the neck instead of a tight bun. Begin by spritzing a volumizing hair spray into hair and blow-drying. Pull hair away from face and into a side ponytail just below the ear. Twist hair and pin it into a loose bun. Use a wide-tooth comb to tease the hair at the crown and through the chignon to create volume. Spray bangs off to the side. Finish this style with a sparkly hairpin and shine spray for a fabulous celebrity look.

Tall Tail- The trick behind this trendy take on the ponytail is lots of volume. First, blow dry hair straight using a relaxing and straightening crème. Then, separate the front section of your hair. Pull the back section of your hair away from your face and secure the ponytail with elastic. Take the front section and pull it back and wrap it around the elastic and pin into place. This can be tricky. You can get a similar effect by using a clear elastic hair tie to pull all the hair back at once. Finally, take a wide-tooth comb and gently tease the crown of the hair. Finish by running a shine serum through the ends of the “tail”.

Hollywood Half-Do- Think romantic. This “do” is soft with sweeping curls and surprisingly simple! After blow dry set hair with velcro curlers. Choose medium-size curlers and roll hair in sections away from the face. Lightly spritz with hairspray and apply heat with a hair dryer on low held six inches away from the head. Once the hair has cooled pull out rollers. Flip head upside down and shake curls loose. Then, starting at each temple, pull side and top sections of hair to the back of the head Secure with bobby pins just below the crown on the back of the head. You can also use a festive hair clip. The finished look is beautiful, cascading curls.