Less is More

You’ve had a baby, a break-up, or started a new job. Now you want to change your look. Emotionally that seems like the right thing to do. However, changing everything—cut, hair colour, texture, all at once is not the immediate answer. Hair, just like any other part of your body, needs to be taken care of, so don’t put so much stress on it all in one day!

If you need a lift, a new haircut or a change in hair colour could do the trick, but any drastic change should be done gradually. Try a new haircut first, give yourself time to adjust, then when you know that it's the right look, take the next step and consider your hair colour. When it comes to changing the texture, the rule of thumb is to never colour and perm or straighten on the same day. You'll be exposing your hair to too many harsh chemicals and heat all at one time and you'll only wind up with dry, damaged, distressed strands.

Helpful styling hints…it's really not necessary to put your hair through a chemical process to have gorgeous, sleek hair. Rub together in the palms of your hands a mixture of a silicone-based styling product with a little bit of hair gel (for volume) and work it through wet hair. Because the gel is alcohol-based, it will absorb the silicone's fatty residue, so your hair won't look greasy or flat. Blow-dry your hair smooth using a large round brush and when it's completely dry, switch the dryer to the "cool" setting to lock in the style.

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