Protect your hair from the summer sun!

Summer is finally here! The time has come to take outdoor lunches, tans at the beach and drinks by the pool. All of which include sun, water and humidity. These three elements can really damage your hair this summer. Take precaution and follow the tips below to maintain your hair healthy.

Fun in the Sun:

  • Avoid sun exposure (10-3pm)
    The sun is more potent at this time and you’re more vulnerable to burn.
  • Trim your hair
    This is the season when your hair dries out the most. By trimming your ends before the summer you minimise the effects of split ends.
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment
    In order to fortify your hair use your chosen treatment at least once a week. We recommend Bigen’s Protect & Repair Deep Conditioner, which smooths and shines instantly and is designed to colour-treated hair.
  • Use SPF products
    Always use products with SPF in them, it protects your hair as well as your scalp. Use wide-tooth combs to evenly spread the SPF throughout your hair.
  • Wear a hat or scarf
    Hats and scarves are in style this summer. Pick up a cute cowboy hat or colourful scarf and protect your hair and scalp while out in the sun.
  • Sport protecting up-dos
    Wearing your hair up in a bun with your favourite conditioner while going for a swim at the beach prevents dehydration of the hair.
  • Rinse away salt water and Chlorine
    Both Saltwater and Chlorine are both important factors in frying your hair during the summer season. Plan ahead and take a bottle filled with fresh spring water so you can rinse your hair after a swim at the beach or pool.

To summarise:

For best results, apply SPF and deep conditioners before heading outdoors, protect your hair under a stylish hat or scarf and rinse away excess chemicals from your hair. With these steps you will continue to have beautiful, shiny and healthy hair all year around.